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Ritual Incense

Our classic formulations of fine natural herbs and oils are designed to enhance the rites of passage, transformation, and spiritual growth that are so important in your life.  We have created blends from many different traditions to suit the many experiences in your life.

These blends of oils and wood powder are compounded using the finest natural ingredients.  Each unique incense has been formulated to be used for a particular purpose, as identified by the name.  All the blends have been extensively researched for appropriate elements, and blended with intent.  Although we are not allowed to make any claims for these products, we will let their historical and traditional names speak for themselves.

Burn these complex and long lasting incenses over charcoal.
Ritual Incense Powders and When & Why They Are Used with many of the Pagan Holidays listed. Below are many definitions, you can also read on Wiccan, Pagan, Paganism, in the Pagan Dictionary and here we have the incense to burn for that particular occasion.

Air: Thought, vision, insight, knowledge, intellect, communication, and belief systems. Sandalwood and frankincense bring these to mind.

Astral Travel: Burn this incense to assist you in preparing for psychic journeys and other mystic travel. One of the main ingredients is vetiver.

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Autumnal Equinox: (Mabon, around September 21) – Reassure your soul, centered and balanced, you prepare for rest.  The harvest gathered and the work completed, the winds of Autumn signal the cold breath of Winter.  Oakmoss helps to connect you to this season.

Beltane: (May 1, May Day) – Rise, greeted by the dawning of Spring.  Renewal and the breath of life invigorate you, preparing you for the ceremonial fires of the world’s blossom.  The flower of the Hibiscus is one of the ingredients in this blend.

Brigid: (Imbolc) – Goddess of the Light of Fire, she is the Celtic triple goddess of poetry, smith craft, and healing. Rosemary helps to bring Her fiery energy into your life.

Cernunos: The Horned God evokes His ancient power, wild yet loving, strong yet gentle. Mugwort provides the passion in this blend.

Creativity: Enhances the individual’s artistic and inventive processes. Carnation is the main fragrance.

Cosmic Light: A channel to the face of Spirit, the ultimate blessing of the universe. Frankincense is the primary scent.

Crone:Guidance and wisdom surround woman, the life giver, who bestows love, warmth, and a gentle guide for the paths of life.  Use this incense to discover the feminine mystique, and enhance your wisdom.  The Poppy flower guide you on this path

Diana: The Goddess of wild places, she is the guardian of wild creatures and the hunt. Deer Tongue will help you to connect to the animals.

Dream: For productive, purposeful dream work, help in recalling dreams. Mugwort is used for this reason.

Earth: The physical plane, source, all things dealing with creature comforts, lodging, money. Seeds and roots are main ingredients.

Fire: All our passions, creativity, desires, will power, strength of purpose. Black pepper and cayenne are used.

Four Winds: To seal and protect, calling upon the four winds, or corners of the earth, this aroma will evoke the powers of nature, the protectors of all living things, and the shelter of the world’s breath. Dulce and Eucalyptus are two of the ingredients used.

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Full Moon: A time to let things go. To call forth to celebrate the mystery and magic of Lady moon, Her healing and abundance. Sandalwood is one of the ingredients used.

Gaia: Use this incense to honor Mother Earth, and your connection to tier Honeysuckle is the fragrance chosen for this.

God: Affirms male energy, masculine divinity, both within and without. Patchouli fragrance is a main ingredient.

Goddess: Affirms female energy, feminine divinity, both within and without. Myrrh and lavender serve this purpose.

Guardian Angel: Arouses your personal protective Spirit, who serves as guide as well as guard. Gardenia is the one of the scents.

Health: Enhance and maintain natural healing, and affirm your own well being.  One of the ingredients is Juniper.  Promotes soothing harmony of body and spirit.

High Power: Enhance and maintain natural healing, and affirm your own well-being One of the ingredients is Jupiter.

Isis: The archetypal feminine, in Egyptian lore. Honor She who is all Woman, all Women. Her scent is lotus.

Kyphi: (Egyptian Temple) – Very powerful incense used for the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries.  The herb Galangal will guide you on your path.

Lammas: (Lughnasadh, August 1) – The harvest gathered, we at last repose, to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  This scent evokes the peace of rest well-earned, and the warming breezes of Summer’s passing.  The fire of the Fennel Seedprovides warmth to this blend.

Love: For all the manifestation of love in our lives. Rose is a traditional fragrance, and used here.

Maiden: Innocent, childlike, and pure, this incense re-centers the wonder of life, and the awe of the world.  Maidenhair Fern is used for the maiden inside you.

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Meditation: Use for concentration and study times. Benzoin resin creates the proper atmosphere.


Midsummer: (Litha) – A dynamic, full-bodied fragrance, summoning the high point of the world in Summer, when the Sun bathes the world in its rich glow.  Calendula, the flower of the summer, is used.

Moon: Cool and alight with mystery, Moon incense ignites the impulses to search for the night’s secrets, or the primal yearnings of nature’s life.  A plant of the sea, Kelp symbolizes the moon.

Moon Dark: Enveloping sable, the comfort of Moon Dark envelopes you with its protective shield.  Hemlock brings out the mystery of the dark moon.

Pan: The mischievous satyr, alight with music, dance, and freedom from restraint.  Use this incense to release the bonds that hinder you, freeing you to a simplicity and laughter.  Mandrake is one of the ingredients in this blend.

Peace: Use this incense in workings for global concord, for tribal or familial, harmony or for personal calm and tranquility Chamomile flowers are in this blend.

Peacock God: Use this incense to enhance your personal inner beauty and well-being.  Rose Petals are for beauty are used in this blend.

Protection: For personal protection, or to create a safe place for yourself or loved ones. Uses Dragon’s Blood resin for this purpose.

Purification: Cleanses negative energy and emotion. Uses rosemary to achieve this purpose.

Sacred Space: Creates a blessed place safety, purity and sanctity. Cedar leaf affirms this sacredness.

Samhain: (Cross-quarter day – October 31/ November 1) – Preparations for the world’s slumber begins with invoking the memories of loved ones past. This incense channels reflection and remembrance, a glance back at deeds done, while readying to face the winter ahead. This blend includes Broom Flowers.

Shaman: Helps you prepare for your part as Priest or Priestess, as intermediary for the Divine. Cedar is a primary ingredient.

Success: Use this to help set and reach goals, and celebrate accomplishments. Cinnamon is a main ingredient.

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Sun: The warmth of life, the scent of all that makes the world grow.  Use this incense for energy, life, or a re-invigorating breath. Orange peel is used.

Temple: Make any area your sanctuary, your place of worship. Uses copal resin for blessing.

Transformation: Use any time significant change is called for, or desired Bay prepares the spirit for this intent.

Vernal Equinox: (Ostara, March 20 / 21) – Shake off the sleep of winter, and cast off gloom and ennui with this fragrance. The spirit rises and bursts forth with the first day of Spring, a bud waiting to bloom.  Cyani Flowers and Heather are two ingredients in this blend.

Visions: Burn this incense when you wish to “see” beyond this plane of existence. Sage is a primary fragrance.

Water: Love in its many forms, healing, birth, death and rebirth, cleansing and anointing Contains kelp for the Sea, bay for the rivers and orris for the ponds.

Wealth: Brings the energy of prosperity and abundance into your life. Bayberry is a principle scent.

Yule: (December 21st) Candle in the darkness, a warming fire in the cold. Yule reminds us that even the smallest of lights may kindle the most divine of sparks. Frankincense and Myrrh are two ingredients in this blend.

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