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HMSLargeBrings the energy of prosperity and abundance into your life. Bayberry is a principle scent.

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Metaphysical / New Age Incense

  • ASTRAL TRAVEL: Burn this incense to assist you in preparing for psychic journeys and other mystic travel. One of the main ingredients is vetiver.
  • COSMIC LIGHT: A channel to the face of Spirit, the ultimate blessing of the universe. Frankincense (olibanum) is the primary scent.
  • CREATIVITY: Enhances the individual’s artistic and inventive processes. Carnation is the main fragrance.
  • DIVINATION: Burn this incense when doing any sort of divination to ensure clear vision and clarity.
  • DRAGON’S BLOOD: This blend is a very powerful uncrossing incense. Dragons Blood can be used anytime to clear negative vibrations while establishing positive ones.
  • DREAM: For productive, purposeful dream work, help in recalling dreams. Mugwort is used for this reason.
  • FULL MOON: To call forth or celebrate the mystery and magic of Lady moon, Her healing and abundance. Sandalwood is one of the ingredients used.
  • GAIA: Use this incense to honor Mother Earth, and your connection to Her. Honeysuckle is the fragrance chosen for this.
  • GOD: Affirms male energy, masculine divinity, both within and without. Patchouli is a main ingredient.
  • GODDESS: Affirms female energy, feminine divinity, both within and without. Myrrh and lavender serve this purpose.
  • GUARDIAN ANGEL: Arouses your personal protective Spirit, who serves as guide as well as guard. Gardenia is the one of the scents.
  • HEALING: Burn and envision spiritual or physical healings. Use this blend in all healing rituals to invoke wellness. Best when used on Wednesdays during the waxing moon.
  • HEALTH: Enhance and maintain natural healing, and affirm your own well-being. One of the ingredients is juniper.
  • ISIS: The archetypal feminine, in Egyptian lore. Honor She who is all Woman, all Women. Her scent is lotus.
  • KYPHI: This traditional Egyptian incense with is spicy aroma is still burned in the temples of Egypt today. Kyphi is an ancient and traditional temple incense.
  • LOVE: For all the manifestations of love in our lives. Rose is a traditional fragrance, and used here.
  • MEDITATION: Use for concentration and study times. Benzoin resin creates the proper atmosphere.
  • MERLIN: Revere the essence of Merlin as High Priest, and claim your personal priesthood. Musk is a primary fragrance used.
  • PAN: This magical blend invokes the frolic and lusty fun of the Greek God Pan. This exotic scent of dark musk and civet allows one to be uninhibited, passionate and free.
  • PEACE: Use this incense in workings for global concord, for tribal or familial, harmony or for personal calm and tranquility. Chamomile flowers are in this blend.
  • POTECTION: For personal protection, or to create a safe place for you or loved ones. Uses Dragon’s Blood resin for this purpose.
  • PURIFICATION: Cleanses negative energy and emotion. Uses rosemary to achieve this purpose.
  • SACRED SPACE: Creates a blessed place of safety, purity and sanctity. Cedar leaf affirms this sacredness.
  • SUCCESS: Use this to help set and reach goals, and celebrate accomplishments. Cinnamon is a main ingredient.
  • TEMPLE: Make any area your sanctuary, your place of worship. Uses copal resin for blessing.
  • TRANSFORMATION: Burn when working on turning energies, influences and patterns of personal transformation into positive reality. Use during the Waning phase of the Moon.
  • VISION: Burn this incense when you wish to “see” beyond this plane of existence. Sage is a primary fragrance.
  • WEALTH: Create the energy of prosperity and abundance into your life, both materially and spiritually. Bayberry is a principle scent.
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Zodiac / Astrological Incense Cones

Timeless Traditions Incense Powder

TTPLargeNo need to look anymore for quality incense for a new age but from an old age. Incense sticks, incense cones, incense for your metaphysical work. Metaphysics is nothing more that something science has no answer for yet. The metaphysical word is not the mystery that most would like it to be, it is only looking and asking for the answers too what some call the mysteries of life. The use of meditation, altar pieces such as incense, goblets, blessed salt, candles and all the others create an environment for you to work. Why people have so many fears of the celestial world only comes from superstitions and others that want control over your life.

Amulet Bags

AMThumbIt is not fantasy that earth, fire, wind and water are the four elements that every religion in the world use too some extent. Incense powders are what most people use because of there clearer burn, you do not get the smell of a wooden stick burning. Incense burners have a three fold purpose, one is the fragrance that it releases and pleases God, the symbols of the item and just to hold the powder. The latter is the best reason for buying or making a good and safe incense burner.

Smudges & Sweetgrass

SMGLargeNew Age is know for being a search for the truth and using the elements which are understood by many of us, living in harmony is important to many people working with this concept. It is NOT being evil too others such as controlling others which also includes trying to make someone do something against their will. Those are what has given the word occult such a bad feeling of those that practice metaphysics, witchcraft or Wicca, Celtic, gothic, white magic, or any other “pagan belief system. The worship of gods and the goddess go back to the beginning of time and is also referred to as knowledge and wisdom within the worlds major belief.

Oils are for the anointing that was one of the first most prevalent substances that was made by man.


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