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AMESSLargeOur own recipe, made with all natural ingredients, produces a solid fragrance that can be used as a perfume (rub a little Amber resin on your skin) an area fragrance (put some in your linen cabinet, leave a little out on a plate in your living room), as a potpourri (put a little in a pot with water over a heat source), or burn over charcoal.

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Amber Resin Incense, or amber essence is not a true resin, as much as an alchemical blend of oils, powders & resins native to India. The resin comes from the Oriental sweet gum tree (Liquidambar orientalis), a variety of storax. The Amber is often used by both men and women as a perfume. Made from a crystallized mix of tree resins and aromatic oils, Amber essence is calming, meditative & spiritually uplifting. It is said to balance the “etheric body” and can help one to relax for meditation. In Magick, amber resin may be used for love, peace, and contentment.

Rubbed on the wrists, amber resin may be worn as a perfume, lifting the spirit and bringing contentment. Left in an open container amber will perfume the space, bringing enjoyment to all who pass by. The resin may also be burned over charcoal, in an incense burner, to bring the same benefits. Just shave a little off the block(s) and sprinkle over hot incense charcoal!

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