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Astral Sea TM Wax Melts


Astral Sea TM Extreme Fragrance Wax Melts

Drift away on an astral sea with this fragrance.

3 oz. where most stores carry blister packs which only have 2 to 2.5 oz.

Since there is no wick the wax does not burn away creating a cleaner environment in your home or office and the risk of a flame creating a fire is gone. When the aroma is gone simply clean the old wax and add a few more chunks. Our extreme scent melt cubes work extremely well in all makes and models of scent warmers, such as Scentsy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Yankee, Illumination, and all other electric or tealight powered warmers.

  • 8-48 hrs of aroma from a few chunks, depending on tart warmer used
  • 3.5 oz of extremely scented melting chunks
  • Perfect to use in any design of wax or oil warmer

We make the strongest smelling Wax Melts out there. Once you try our Wax Melts or any of our products, you won't go anywhere else. Leave a review and check out our Facebook page and and tell us what you think about our products. Our Extreme Fragrance Wax Melts (wax potpourri) are sure to fill your house with so much smell your neighbors will be begging you for your secret.

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Made in the USA

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