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Golden Pagoda


Golden Pagoda Purple Koi Sticks

If you can put a scent to the Kinkaku-ji (Golden pagoda) with it's top two floors covered in gold leaf and a garden complex of approximately 1337 to 1573 period is considered to be a classical age of Japanese garden design, his it it. This deep oriental floral scent with tea garden and the moist air about you, it is truly refreshing.

The Far East beckons you to its world of honor and tradition.  Experience the Orient with the Purple Koi line, crafted from travels throughout Asia and its thrilling locales.

5 1/2" Japanese style stick, 50 sticks per package.

Many people find sticks the most convenient way to burn incense. The lighter colored sticks are wood base formed over bamboo stick (natural). The darker sticks are pre-burnt wood base, (charcoal); they burn a little faster, but burn cleaner and produce a truer-to-fragrance. We also have a wood base stick that is formed without the bamboo stick (Japanese style).

Astral Sea makes and packages 6 varieties of packaged incense sticks. Most of our products can be found packaged or bulk.

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Made in the USA

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