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Rituals of Life Feminine (Goddess) Incense Powder Collection


The Yin (Feminine) of Yang Powdered Incense Collection includes:

Each fragrance is in a glass 10 Dram bottle with a roll of charcoal.

1 Beltane (May Day): Rise, greeted by the dawning of Spring.  Renewal and the breath of life invigorate you, preparing you for the ceremonial fires of the worlds blossom. The flower of the Hibiscus is one of the ingredients in this blend.

1 Midsummer: Rituals of Life Incense Powder (Litha) A dynamic, full-bodied fragrance, summoning the high point of the world in Summer, when the Sun bathes the world in its rich glow. Calendula, the flower of the summer, is used. 

1 Vernal Equinox: (Ostara): Shake off the sleep of winter, and cast off gloom and ennui with this fragrance. The spirit rises and bursts forth with the first day of Spring, a bud waiting to bloom. Cyani Flowers and Heather are two ingredients in this blend.

1 Protection: For personal protection, or to create a safe place for yourself or loved ones. Uses Dragon's Blood for this purpose.
1 Success: Use this to help set and reach goals, and celebrate accomplishments. Cinnamon is a main ingredient.

  • Manufactured by: Astral Sea Incense

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