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Outdoorsman Sampler Collection


Outdoorsman Sampler Collection includes: 
1 Trade Winds Amber Resin 10 Grams: Our own recipe, made with all natural ingredients, produces a solid fragrance that can be used as a perfume or rub. 
2 Enchanted Forest Handmade Incense: The forest is alive, you can smell the deep fragrance of the leaves and the enchanted fragrances of everything else combined within it.
2 Forest Lord Handmade Incense: The Horned God evokes His ancient power, wild yet loving, strong yet gentle.
2 Woods Handmade Incense: The magical scent of being away from all the smells of modern life, put yourself deep within a forest , a woodsy, sweet fragrance.
1 Incense Burner
1 Nag Chama Perfume Cream: A truly exotic and sensual bouquet, typical Indian scent, asian flair, warm spices and sandalwood scent.1 
1 Musk 4 oz Luxury Bath Salts: Fresh, clean and sensual fragrance. A favorite for men and women
1  Cedarwood 1/4 oz Essential Oil: Is said to be Harmonizing, calming, relaxing, rejuvenates, anxiety easing, strengthening, self-control.
1 Egyptian Musk 1/4 oz Fragrance Oil: Captures the essence of light, a musky fragrance commonly used to bring your mind to places of old, where god kings ruled, magic and prayer were deeply woven in every part of life.
1 Irish Leather 1/4 oz Fragrance Oil: Rugged and masculine, this warm, musky fragrance evokes the smell of real leather - A subtle blend of earthiness and elegance!

  • Manufactured by: Astral Sea Incense

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