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Natures Scents Incense Stick Collection


Nature Scents Incense Stick collection includes: 
1 pkg. Cinnamon Spice (Handmade 10 sticks)
1 pkg. French Lavender (Handmade 10 sticks)
1 pkg. Gardenia (Handmade 10 sticks)
2 pkg. Honeysuckle (Handmade 10 sticks)
2 pkg. Fairy Farts ™ (Handmade 10 sticks)
2 pkg. Nile Lotus (Handmade 10 sticks)
1 pkg Ocean Breeze (Handmade 10 sticks)
1 Incense Burner


  • Manufactured by: Astral Sea Incense


John Smith
5 of 5 Stars
Package came in great, my wife really liked it. We burned probably 4 sticks over Friday night and Saturday and still last night I could still smell the effects. Way different experience over candles that if they do have a scent, it’s only while they are burning.


This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 29 December, 2015.