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Circles of Light Incense Powder Collection


Incenses from the Tree of Life are based on the Kabalistic Tree of Life. The Kabalistic Tree of Life is a system of knowledge, which includes astrology, color therapy, chakra work and personal spiritual growth. Our incenses reflect this many-faceted metaphysical tradition. Use them to stimulate and inspire your own spiritual path.

Burn over charcoal and always remember charcoal burns very hot, never leave unattended and use with proper incense burner. Each powder has a unique color associated with them, to see associated color, see Bulk Incense Powders from link in the left column.

Set Includes 1 roll of Charcoal and one each of the following:

Kether: The Source, Enlightenment, Inner & Outer Peace, Divine Union, "Crown" Chakra.  Benzoin is used in this blend.
Chokmah: The Heavenly Father, Wisdom & Tradition, Inspiration, Sky Energy, "Third Eye" Chakra. Musk is used in this blend.
Binah: The Great Mother, Endings & Passages, Spiritual Awareness, Saturn Energy, "Third Eye" Chakra.  Cedarwood is used in this blend.
Daath: Trials of the Spirit, For light in times of Inner Darkness, Initiation Energy, Balance.  Cinnamon is used in this blend.
Chesed: Generosity of Heart, Prosperity & Luck, Forgiving the Past, Self Awareness, Jupiter Energy. Copal is used in this blend.
Gebura: Strength & Discipline, Cleansing & Purifying, Eliminating Negativity, Mars Energy, "Throat" Chakra.  Dragon's Blood is used in this blend.
Tiphereth: The Beauty of Spirit, Healing & Harmony, Unconditional Love, Sun Energy, "Heart" Chakra.  Frankincense is used in this blend.
Netzach: The Body's Triumph, Sensuality, Passion, Artistic Creativity, Venus Energy, "Power" Chakra.  Peppermint is used in this blend.
Hod: The Glory of Mind, Career & Learning, All Mental Work, Mercury Energy, "Power" Chakra.  Vanilla is used in this blend.
Yesod: The Unconscious Sea, Emotion & Intuition, Psychic Awareness, Moon Energy, "Womb" Chakra.  Rosemary is used in this blend.
Malkuth:“ Kingdom of Earth, Prosperity & Fertility, Actualization, Earth Energy, €œRoot€ Chakra. Patchouli is used in this blend.

  • Manufactured by: Astral Sea Incense

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