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Chakra Gem Incense Powder Gift Collection


In white box with label, great for gifts. Powdered incenses with the Essence of Gemstones to Awaken the Energy Centers of the Body. The major chakras are energy vortexes, occurring where seven major organs and nerve centers align with the spine. According to centuries old Indian Tradition, when all the chakras are awakened and in balance, the Kundalini Serpent of personal power and awareness rises, releases its energy, and connects us with the Universal Spirit. Use our incenses in their rainbow of gem colors, to awaken and balance your inner energy. 10 dram glass vial. These powdered incenses can be burned without charcoal. Simply place a small amount for the incense in an appropriate burner and light with a match. Allow the colors, fragrances and gem essences to awaken and balance your inner energy.

Includes one each:

1st Chakra - Garnet: Helps to awaken potential and become balanced with the earth. Violet is one ingredient used.
2nd Chakra - Carnelian: Stimulates creative energies, procreation, and sexuality. Sandalwood is one ingredient used.
3rd Chakra - Citrine: Increases self-discipline and responsibility, balances regeneration of physical body. Honeysuckle is one ingredient used.
4th Chakra - Aventurine: Elevates awareness of heart/soul consciousness, balances emotions and self-love. Musk is one ingredient used.
5th Chakra - Aquamarine: Aids in expressing universal truths and verbalizing ones own mind. Carnation is one ingredient used.
6th Chakra - Lapis: Visionary insight into universal mind, attuning to divine perfection. Lavender is one ingredient used.
7th Chakra - Quartz Crystal: Use to gain peace, wisdom, and connect with infinite oneness and immortality. Wisteria is one ingredient used.

  • Manufactured by: Astral Sea Incense

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