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Piscess Incense Cones

– A blend of fragrance and essential oils including: Olibanum, Cloves, and Honeysuckle.

Our Astrological fragrances, like our Metaphysical sticks, are based on ancient recipes.  These blended fragrances, traditionally associated with each astrological sign, can be combined with the planetary mini-sticks to match your personal horoscope, celebrate your birthday, or attune yourself to any significant transits.

1" natural incense cones, 10 per package.

Many people find cones to be their preference as a away burn incense. The cones are wood base (natural). 1" cones burn approx 12 to 18 minutes while the 2" cones will burn 25 to 35 minutes. However most people prefer the 1" cone over the 2" cone in that it will create the desired effect.

Directions: Light the small tip with a match or lighter, burn until the tip glows. Place on a plate or bowl with about a 1/4" of sand or salt so it will not burn what is underneath it, cones burn very hot. Also by placing them on sand or salt you will get to burn more of the cone since moisture will not be absorbed.

Astral Sea makes and packages 6 varieties of packaged incense sticks. Most of our products can be found packaged or bulk.

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Made in the USA

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