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Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

Mild, long-lasting sweet, woody aroma.

Sandalwood is often concidered the most alluring, sexest scent you will ever smell. Sandalwood has been one of the most important ingredients in perfume, incense, lotions, and body oils for more than 2000 years. This Sandalwood oil fragrance a rich and sweet with notes of cedarwood to produce an exotic fragrance.

Astrological planet: Sun or Moon: Solar (healing, illumination, magical power, physical energy, protection, success, and putting an end to legal matters). Lunar (compassion, dreams, family, fertility, gardening, healing, love, peace, promoting sleep, prophecy, prophetic (or psychic) dreams), psychic awareness, sleep, and spirituality).

Packaged in a ¼ ounce amber bottle with a screw-on cap with a glass rod applicator.

Surround yourself with an aura of Mystery and Magic.  Use the traditional blends crafted from ancient formulas to enhance your mood or lifestyle, or blend your own personal scent from several different fragrances.

Astral Sea Fragrance Perfume Oils are single notes and blends of the finest Essential, Natural Blends, and Nature Equivalent fragrance oils available.  Over 20 years of experience have allowed us to create our own unique fragrance blends.  We also personally refine many of our oils; Vanilla and Dragon’s Blood are two examples.

All oils are also available in 4 oz bulk here.


Many people find sticks the most convenient way to burn incense. The lighter colored sticks are wood base formed over bamboo stick and burn from 35 to 45 minutes depending on the fragrance. The darker sticks are pre-burnt wood base, (charcoal); they burn a little faster, but burn cleaner and produce a truer-to-fragrance. We also have a wood base stick that is formed without the bamboo stick (Japanese style).

Other people find cones to be their preference as a way to burn incense. The cones are wood base (natural). 1" cones burn approx 12 to 18 minutes while the 2" cones will burn 25 to 35 minutes. However most people prefer the 1" cone over the 2" cone in that it will create the desired effect.

Astral Sea makes and packages 6 varieties of packaged incense sticks and 4 varieties of incense cones. Most of our products can be found packaged or bulk.

Then there are powders which are sometimes seen as the connoisseur incense but more often it's for ritual use. Timeless Traditions and Chakra Gem Incense Powders are both self burning while our Rituals of Life and, Circles of Light are to be burned over charcoal.

Also see our other lines and drift away in an Astral Sea with our:

  • Incense sticks (natural, charcoal, Japanese)
  • Incense cones (1" and 2")
  • Incense powders and resins
  • Smokeless incense for aroma lamps
  • Perfume Creams
  • Fragrance and essential oils (2 dram and 4 oz)
  • Bath Salts in course and fine salts
  • Amulet bags & smudges

Made in the USA


Bess Fjiord
5 of 5 Stars
Only Sandalwood oil I have found worth purchasing, and I've been looking in YEARS! Last decent Sandalwood purchased was 20 years ago and that company has gone the way of the world. So happy to have a new source.


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