About Astral Sea

A few words about us and our incense products.

collageOur incense products have been in production for over 25 years. Still using highest of quality, custom blended oils we can use to bring you high quality incense cones, incense sticks,  incense powders and bath salts. We are now expanding on our cone and powder incense burners, oil diffusers, oil burners and aroma lamps so that you can complete more of your online needs with one stop. Below is our incense stick supply of over 140 fragrances now available in 100’s from our bulk incense rack. All are hand dipped incense and made daily so that quality and freshness is there for you.

For those that have been with us since the beginning of our online store, you have discovered our quality, we are growing and looking better all the time.  We will still strive to keep that old fashion, friendly way of doing business but with the better service all the time. Above is our 5000 square foot warehouse located here in Salem Missouri Industrial Park that produces all of the fragrance oil products people enjoy so much.

As those of you that have shopped here before have seen, we have one of the easiest shopping carts around. NO adding each item to the cart. With our shopping cart you can pick out all the items you want on that page and add all of them to the cart at once. NOT like those other carts that require you to add each item individually. Our incense powder is hand made with fresh oils, herbs and resins for quality and freshness.

Incense manufacturer of quality sticks, cones and powders for almost any use. Our pre-packaged line is the same quality and freshness as all of our products.

Visit one of online stores or if you live in or near Salem Missouri or plan on floating the Current River please visit the coolest shop around:
Crossroads Corner
113 W. Fourth St
Salem, MO 65560
573 729-3801
across from Bank of Salem and Pazaz Hair Salon