Vetivert Incense & Fragrance Oil

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Vetivert is a rich, earthy, sweet aroma, called “Oil of Tranquility” in India because of it’s excellent calming action and is the most ancient and popular oils in Southeast Asia.

Vetivert is good for anxiety, nervous tension, stress, and depression. Helpful  in grounding for someone who is out of balance and helps to stabilize energy. The fragrance is relaxing and calming, useful for insomnia. Helps to concentrate and organize scattered thoughts and overcome intellectual fatigue, it is one of nature’s tranquilizers.

Our Vetivert incense offers a peaceful fragrance to any room it is burned in. In ritual, it is ideal for blessings of love and peace, extending this to even aid in spells of undoing hexes. It has also been known to be a potent addition to spells of money drawing and financial success. Hand dipped, and of the highest quality, these incense sticks are perfect for enhancing the atmosphere of your home or being part of your spells and rituals.