Fairy Farts Incense, Oil & Wax Melts

CREMThumbThe original Fairy Farts ™ home fragrance, our best selling fragrances created in 2010 has now become one of the most sought after smells around with many others trying to duplicate it but can not get it right. Do not be fooled by the name, fairies spend their day around some of the sweetest and aromatic things imaginable, so what other kind of fart could you expect but a sweet, slightly musk earthy with a hind of the dew of the morning.

HMSThumbThese fairies started out spending their time farting this fragrance for our incense sticks and cones, since then, you have asked for it in body sprays, perfume creams and the fragrance oil and we have done just that and soon will be adding it to our bath salt line.

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incense_bundleBulk incense stick and cones, Packaged incense sticks, Perfume Cream, Body Spray, Fragrance Oils.

fairy farts waxmelts in 3 ounce packagingFairy Farts Wax Melts now in stock, as well as over 130 other extreme fragrance wax melts. Don’t miss our unique Wax Melters either

We also carry over 250 fragrances in Incense sticks, cones and powders. Some 16 fragrances in Bath Salts and Perfume Creams and 150 plus in Essential and Fragrance Oils. Several Smokeless Incense blends and we also carry Smudges and much more.


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